May 26, 2012


We won't have to wait long to finally see some Django Unchained footage. As Variety reports the first trailer for Django will be attached to Prometheus starting on June 8th. Now you really don't have an excuse to miss Prometheus. This has to be a no-brainer as the two films are arguably the most anticipated R-rated films of 2012 and match a made in heaven. I'll be curious to see how they cut up trailer from the seven minute sizzle-reel shown at Cannes. The Weinstien Company isn't taking any chances and going full force with the early marketing campaign. Cudos to Quentin for releasing a trailer so early in the game as the film will likely be close to being wrapped when the trailer drops. If you can wait a bit longer the Django trailer will likely be hitting the Apple iTunes trailer site in HD soon after.

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