May 14, 2012


The Machete Kills cast is already impressive with Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Amber Heard, Mel Gibson, Demian Bichir, Sofia Vergara and Antonio Banderas. The previous installment had monolithic amount of actors involved so I wouldn't be shocked to see Robert Rodriguez gathering more actors for supporting roles and cameos. I have a few actors in mind that could make Kills even more crazy than it already is.

SALMA HAYEK: Hayek's giant break in Hollywood was thanks in-part to Robert's second film Desperado which blew up both their careers in 1995. Antonio Banderas also credits his successful career to the film and will be appearing the film in a small role. I assume that Hayek might also want to contribute to the film which will be mostly set in Mexico this time around. Salma will be seen next in Oliver Stone's Savages oddly enough playing a ruthless female Mexican cartel leader. I could see her playing a fast-talking sex worker alongside Sofia Vergara or even an assassin sent after Machete.

NICOLAS CAGE: If anyone could make a great Madman Mendes it would be Cage. He brings an intensity to his roles so I can only imagine what he could be like with Robert directing him. Willam Dafoe played a Mexican cartel leader in Once Upon A Time In Mexico and pulled it off effortlessly. I could see Nicolas doing the same if he's able to develop a convincing Spanish accent. I'm sure dubbing his Spanish would be needed and with a voice completely different from Cage's could also be used for comedic-effect.

AL PACINO: In Machete, we got Robert De Niro in a extremely funny villainous role. I wouldn't be shocked to see Pacino at least being approached for a cameo. Considering he appeared in the disastrous comedy Jack And Jill, so anything is possible now. Personally I've been dying to see him send himself up in an action comedy like this parodying his roles in Carlito's Way and Scarface. He'd make a great U.S. government suit or competing Mexican cartel leader.

JOHN LEGUIZAMO: This amazing character actor has fallen off the radar lately and needs to come back to live-action features. Leguizmo has extensive amount of genre credits which include roles in Die Hard 2, The Fan, Romeo + Juliet, Collateral Damage, Summer of Sam, Assault on Precint 13, Spun and Land of The Dead. I could picture him as a contract hitman for the cartel. It could be interesting to see him being more of professional killer than we've previously seen the other minons in the last film.

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