May 31, 2012

Second Marvel Film In 2014 Will Feature A "Character" Outside Of Avengers

Kevin Feige has been somewhat coy about the second phase of the Marvel's release slate. We know that on May 2014 the studio plans to release an unannounced project on that date. It had been thought that Ant-Man or Guardians of The Galaxy would be prime candidates. Until Edgar Wright announced that he'd would be starting production on World's End this fall and could possibly shoot some of Ant-Man (likely green-screen scenes or a sizzle reel for Comic-Con) sometime during 2012 as well. This doesn't mean that Ant-Man would even be ready to released for 2014 considering the amount of special effects needed for the film. New word from Marvel gives the impression that Guardians is also out of the running.

A new quote from Fegie during an interview with Empire seemingly excludes Ant-Man, Black Panther and even Guardians of The Galaxy for the second 2014 slot. Kevin states that they will be introducing "a character outside of the Avengers' world". This gives the impression the first two are out as they're both Avengers. While the latter is a team film similar to the Avengers in that it would include multiple heroes, not one single "character". It leads me to believe that Kevin Feige is hinting to the mystical fantasy film Doctor Strange. There is another C-level character like Strange that could be a possibility as well which is The Immortal Iron Fist which will be a pulpy martial arts/shoot em' up flick.

"Our next step," said Feige, "will be to introduce a character outside the Avengers' world."

DOCTOR STRANGE:  The first thought is Doctor Strange as they already have a script complete with the studio shopping it around to directors back in August. It's unknown which version of the character they'd be aiming to make since they have a few different takes. Steven Strange is famous surgeon who searches for a new calling when his sister dies. It leads him to an ancient order that teaches him the mystical arts leading him to become the Sorcerer Supreme. It could be a mystical period piece set in the 30's or just a straight up contemporary. His powers vary but could be somewhat limited in the first film since it would be an origin film with Strange learning the magic ropes. The cosmic universe has been explored with Thor and Avengers so it wouldn't be a stretch to see this character fit into the Marvel cinematic universe. While Kevin states the character won't have connections to Avengers it wouldn't stop them from introducing an Avenger like Scarlet Witch as a villain or supporting character.

IRON FIST: A project less likely is Iron Fist which hasn't been in development as long as Strange but had a script from Rich Wilkes. We haven't heard much on it but like Strange this character isn't a prominent Avenger and like Iron Man (before the original film's release) was basically a niche character. Ed Brubaker (known for the modern Captain America) reinvented the characters' mythology with The Immortal Iron Fist which gave an edge to both Danny Rand and Orson Randall. I could see how a martial arts/shoot em' up film with Highlander elements would be completely different from what they've already done.

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