May 30, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch Playing Gary Mitchell In 'STAR TREK 2'?

It's been a steady stream of crazy speculation when it comes to what the hell is going on with the Star Trek sequel. Most importantly the film doesn't even have an official title which would likely give away a lot of it's direction. Any who, what we do know for sure is that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing the villain. It's been rumored since day one he would be in the role of Trek baddie superhuman Khan but what happens if he's not?

Simon Pegg has come out to again confirm that Cumberbatch won't be playing Khan via TrekMovie. The only real detail here is that Pegg confirms that Cumberbatch is human. It's possible that the Khan rumor development when the thought of a series villain or human would be the villain of the sequel. So if Khan isn't on the table it doesn't leave a lot of room for human villains. Harry Mudd and Charlie Evans seem unlikely because Benedict is clearly wearing Federation gear in the set images that have leaked. There aren't a lot of Federation based villains but one does come to mind and would become a large conflict for Kirk and the crew.

Pegg is full of praise for Cumberbatch’s baddy, whom he describes [as] “not just another disgruntled alien. It’s a really interesting… sort of… thing,” he squirms. “Obviously I can’t talk about it.”

“It’s not Khan,” replies Pegg, annoyed. “That’s a myth. Everyone’s saying it is, but it’s not.”

Lt. Commander Gary Mitchell and Kirk become friends at Starfleet Academy and Gary ends up on the Enterprise. During this time Kirk is still on his way to become the captain which would fall inline with rumors of Peter Weller (Robocop) playing the new Enterprise captain. Gary ends up developing alien superpowers and turns on the crew. It's a solid enough conflict as Gary would become an enemy from within the Enterprise.

If this is true it would mean that Alice Eve's character could be the ship's psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth Dehner. Eve's haircut for the film is very similar to the actress from the original series. Dehner was featured in the episode with Mitchell and could end up a new addition to the Enterprise crew since they clearly lacking another female character.

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