May 14, 2012

CAST EM': New Asgardians Of 'THOR 2'

While Iron Man 3 is currently casting, we likely won't be hearing new additions for Thor 2 until around Comic-Con in July. Production is expected to begin in August with Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) set to direct with a November 15th 2013 release date. The sequel will be mostly set in Asgard and other worlds with the cast of Asgardians being doubled according to Kevin Feige. I've come up with who should play these Asgardians, some of which are friends and some are foes.

BENICIO DEL TORO AS TYR GOD OF WAR: Currently we have no idea who the main baddie of the sequel will be. However, when the cast of Asgardians is going to be doubled it could mean a rebellion in the kingdom of Asgard. Tyr, who was once a protector of the realm (like Thor) eventually leads a rebellion to overthrow Odin as King. I wouldn't be shocked to see this transpire with aligning himself with the some of the other kingdoms in Asgard which includes the rock trolls (who inhabit the undergrounds of Asgard). Benicio Del Tor (Usual Suspects, Savages, Traffic) feels a no-brainer for this role as he could bring an intensity to his powerful god-like villain. He had been in the mix for the Khan role in Star Trek 2 but ultimately walked. It was a missed opportunity to see Benicio get to be a badass villain in a blockbuster. If there was ever an actor to one-up Tom Hiddleston's menacing Loki it would be Benicio.

RUTH WILSON AS HELA: Odin's kingdom doesn't stop with Asgard as he also rules over Vahalla the realm of fallen heroes. Hela the ruler of Hel also sets her eyes on increasing her rule by invading Vahalla with an army of her own to conture it. I'd love to see an alliance between Hela and Tyr because the battles would end up more interesting with the creatures of Hel fighting Asgardians. Ruth Wilson (Luther, The Prisoner, Lone Ranger) has been a revelation from her small time as Alice in the series Luther an up and coming actress who will get her big feature film debt as the female lead in Disney's The Lone Ranger. She very well could be as interesting villainous casting choice as Benedict Cumberbatch jump to Star Trek 2 as Khan.

RICHARD MADDEN AS BALDER THE BRAVE: Just as powerful and good willed as his brother Thor. It's eventually revealed that Balder is the true heir to Odin's throne. I'm not sure if this is continuity to the film's mythology but it could play out an interesting conflict between to the two heroes. One of the more standout actors of Game of Thrones is Richard Madden who play's Robb Stark. Alan Taylor could end up having some of his Thrones actors read for roles. Balder seems like a role that should be included since the studio did do early concept art for him. The character would later be cut from the film mainly because Asgard wasn't center stage in the first installment.

ALICE EVE AS AMORA THE ENCHANTRESS: Amora could be a conflicted villainess with eyes for both Thor and Loki, while aligning herself with Tyr's rebellion to obtain power. She's just as mischievous and manipulative as Loki and could be a solid secondary villain. There could even be a bit of jealously concerning Thor's affections towards the human Jane Foster.

British actress Alice Eve has been in the mix with Marvel projects for years now. She was originally cast as Emma Frost in X-Men First Class as for Fox but ultimately exited because the role was lacking any real depth. January Jones ended up taking the part and was the worst aspect of the film. Alice was also a candidate to play Peggy Carter in Captain America before Hayley Atwell landed the role. Her connection to the Cap casting could mean she might be inline to play Sharon Carter in Captain America 2. However, fans have campaigned for her to take on the role of Echantress. She recently landed a role in Star Trek 2 which is expected to be action focused and possibly even villainous.

JESSICA BIEL AS BRUNHILDE THE VALKYRIE: Valkyrie is a standout female character from Asgard as she eventually joined the Marvel team The Defenders. That lineup included her, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Namor, Silver Surfer, Hellcat and Nighthawk. Like Sif, Brunhilde is a great warrior who is the leader of the mighty Valkyrior who take exceptional fallen human/Asgardian heroes to Valhalla. They also defend that realm from outside forces like Hela. She has powers similar to the rest of Asgardian warriors but is known as the strongest of the Valkyrior and rides a winged horse.

The Valkyrior are warrior goddesses of Asgard who ride winged horses. Originally, under the leadership of Brunnhilde, they took mortally wounded human heroes from German and Scandinavian battlegrounds and brought them to Valhalla, an area of the Asgardian dimension where the astral forms of the dead Asgardians and human heroes eternally feast and compete in friendly battles.

Jessica Biel previously played the vampire slaying daughter of Whistler in Blade Trinity. While the film was terrible it did highlight the talents of both Biel and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool). It's not uncommon for actors to have multiple roles in superhero franchises. We'll finally be seeing Jessica back in action for Len Wiseman's Total Recall reboot. She had recently been in mix for both Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Rises but ultimately didn't join those movies. I feel like Biel could do the role justice and has the fitness level needed for the fight scenes.

CONAN STEVENS AS SKURGE OR ULIK: This Australian giant is surprisingly very steeped in the fantasy genre as an actor. He had a decently sized role on Game of Thrones as The Mountain the larger/elder/blood-crazed brother of The Hound. Conan had to leave to the show to focus on The Hobbit films where he plays a King of the orcs. While he regretfully missed out on a role in the new Conan film he did however have a reoccurring role on Spartacus: Blood And Sand. I think given this amount of experience not to mention a Game of Thrones connection he would make a decent Skurge or even Ulik the rock troll.

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