May 24, 2012

Ashely Hamilton To Play Villain Firepower In 'IRON MAN 3', Jon Favreau Back As Happy Hogan

ShowBlitz reports Ashley Hamilton could play villain Firepower in Iron Man 3. Pilot Jack Taggart is given a government built armored suit from a secret program which ends up with clashes with Iron Man. Nothing is confirmed but it's possible that Firepower could end up a cyborg like Coldblood (James Badge Dale) or given the Extremis virus. Fans have tired of the man-in-suit villain so there is hope they'll be going in a different direction. The rest of the new cast includes James Badge Dale, Ben Kingsley, Rebecca Hall, Guy Pearce and Andy Lau.

Jon Favreau confirmed via a Twitter pic that he'll will be back as the ever loyal Happy Hogan. It's also the first image from the set as production is underway this week. Considering Robert, Shane and Jon have been good friends for years I'm sure there is no bad blood over the directorial shake-up. Like with Avengers, Favreau will earn a producing credit.

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