May 21, 2012

Chris Hemsworth Comments On Possible 'HUNTSMAN' Spin-Off

During an interview with Google+ Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth gave a brief statement on the rumors of him starring in his own Huntsman focused spin-off. It had been reported that Universal hired screenwriter David Koepp to write a treatment for a sequel to Snow White And The Huntsman with Rupert Sanders expected to return as director. The catch is that the film would center around Hemsworth's character likely without Steward and Theron being involved. It's not surprising since Universal currently doesn't have a string of franchises to rely on. Chris has two rather strong franchises already with Thor and Avengers. It would be smart for the studio to capitalize if Snow White is successful as well.

“Yeah, sure, if there’s an audience for it and people wanna see it and there’s a great script and room to do something different with it, absolutely. I’ve heard probably the same rumors you have about possible sequels to this or prequels as far as the Huntsman’s storyline [goes]. We’re pretty elusive for the most of it; he begins having suffered some sort of trauma in a whole life before this point, and then at the end it’s left open as well. We had endless discussions about ‘where does he come from and why does he do this and what’s this about?’ and it all of a sudden opened up all these ideas about his whole life prior to this. I said, at one stage, ‘Maybe he could sort of spin-off into Cinderella world and then Sleeping Beauty, and he’s a Huntsman through the fairy tales,’ but that got shot down pretty quick (laughs).”

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