May 28, 2012

SPECULATION: Mads Mikkelsen Up For Malekith Or Sutur In 'THOR 2'?

It's starting to sound like the villain of Thor 2 is going to be a one of the big ones from Thor's limited rouges gallery. As Chris Hemsworth put down talk of Thanos being the baddie of the film stating they needed "a bigger fish". Kevin Feige has confirmed this by axing the Thanos rumor again stating he'll be a "future" villain giving the impression that he'll be saved for Avengers 2 or Guardians of Galaxy. Feige also mentions the villain of the Thor sequel will indeed be a "major new antagonist". Giving the impression that Loki, Skurge, Ulik and other supporting villains are not going to be the main threat of the picture. The only "major" unused Thor villains are Hela, Surtur and Malekith. Consideirng that Mads Mikkelsen is linked for this role it's likely down to Malekith and Surtur, which both would be excellent cinematic villains.

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