May 14, 2012

Rupert Sanders Reveals He's Working On A Sci-Fi Film Based On 'BATTLE OF ALGIERS'

During a red carpet interview with HeyUGuys director Rupert Sanders revealed a second project he's been working on. We've already know that studio is keen on Snow White And The Huntsman and want a sequel focusing on the Huntsman. It makes sense with star Chris Hemsworth's Avengers becoming one the biggest films of all-time. That the studio would want to pursue more starring vehicles for Hemsworth. Rupert also mentions a sci-fi project he's been working on. You might remember that the direct made a string of live-action commercials for HALO: ODST and HALO: REACH. He was also rumored to be in the mix for the live-action film which is currently in limbo.

Sanders reveals that besides a sequel he's working on an untitled science fiction film loosely based on the 1966 film Battle of Algiers. The film is based on the real events that took place during the Algerian revolution against the French foreign legion. One of the bloodiest uprisings in modern history the film is a brutal look at modern warfare. I can only imagine seeing these dark themes used in the backdrop of science fiction film. Halo commercial alumni, Neil Blomkamp's District 9 and his upcoming Elysium have both used similar commentaries from history. District 9 contrasting South African Apartheid with a stranded alien population.

A film commissioned by the Algerian government that shows the Algerian revolution from both sides. The French foreign legion has left Vietnam in defeat and has something to prove. The Algerians are seeking independence. The two clash. The torture used by the French is contrasted with the Algerian's use of bombs in soda shops. A look at war as a nasty thing that harms and sullies everyone who participates in it.

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