May 19, 2012

Duncan Jones Will Make Action Bio-Pic Of Bond Author 'IAN FLEMING'

We had been patiently waiting what director Duncan Jones would choose next after making such wonderful films with Moon and Source Code. Duncan had been trying to get his Blade Runner homage Mute into production but had a difficult time getting someone to fiance it. He also was entertaining studios with meetings to direct films like Man of Steel, The Wolverine, Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I'm sure with the recent Blade Runner sequel buzz that barrier will likely be lifted eventually.

ThePlaylist picked up on a press release that reveals Duncan's next film which will be a film based on the life of James Bond author Ian Fleming. People might not understand that Fleming was an intelligence officer during WWII, a hero of sorts himself before writing the novels. He took a lot of his knowledge of the intelligence business along with his own experiences and used it as inspiration for the Bond novels. The film won't be your average bio-pic as it will be action oretiened thriller. It will be based on the biography “Ian Fleming, The Man Behind James Bond” by Andrew Lycett. Jones gave his own impression on the project.

“Fleming lived through one of the most perilous periods in world history, in a position that allowed him a unique vantage point of all the players, all the stakes. He witnesses true heroism first-hand. And he saw the evil men could do. Then, when the war ended, he went off to write fiction. The essential question for me is; where did Ian Fleming end and Bond begin?”

An actor hasn't been named but James McAvoy had been rumored for the role. James D'Arcy previously played Fleming in the British action flick Age of Heroes which had some connection to one of his WWII missions. It also focused on his special forces team the 30 Commando unit. Michael Fassbender could end in the mix as well since Fassy had been rumored to be inline as a future James Bond. McAvoy and Fassbener have a bit of time to kill before X-Men First Class 2 ramps up production in January 2013 so anything could happen.

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