May 16, 2012

Scott Z. Burns Hired To Rewrite 'PLANET OF THE APES 2'

HeatVision reports that 20th Century Fox has hired Scott Z. Burns to help rewrite the script for Planet of The Apes 2. The untitled sequel to Rise of The Planet of The Apes is gathering speed with a draft already written by Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa who wrote the first film. Burns is best known for Bourne Ultimatum, Contagion and the in-development film version of The Man From UNCLE.

Director Rupert Wyatt and actor Andy Serkis are currently locked for the sequel, no word on James Franco. I think James Franco monotoned performance was one the worst aspects of the film it's possible his character could be done away with or even recast. Normally with the Planet of The Apes sequels the humans leads are usually replaced new actors with each installment, hopefully this trend continues.

The next film will likely continue the viral sub-plot that should eventually wipe out a majority of the human population. Human survivors align themselves with Caesar and his new society. In the sequel to the original film that Rise was based on, a group from this new society goes into the now abandoned city sparking aggression with the militarized surviving humans set on wiping out the apes. These humans are armed to the teeth with guns, vehicles and tanks. It's doubtful this sequel will go that far into the lore.

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