May 30, 2012

SPECULATION: Will A 'PROMETHEUS' Sequel Involve A Xenomorph Planet?

Prometheus is set to be released next Friday and we're already hearing positive talk from the first screenings. Currently it's one of the more anticipate films of the year and should bring in some decent box office numbers with it's 3D ticket price boost. Originally the project had been envisioned by Ridley Scott and writer John Spaihts (who has been talking sequel during recent interviews) as a two-part Alien prequel. When Damon Lindelof signed on to join the writing process this talk was squashed. Fox went so far as to state the film was no longer a Alien prequel. We know for a fact that was just spin as the alien ship, space jockey and possibly the xenomorph/egg chamber will be revealed in Prometheus. Ridley has already started talking about another film and wants to make it after the Counselor even with Blade Runner 2 in the works. So what would happen in Prometheus 2 if Fox pursues a sequel?

WEYLAND COLONIZES PROTEUS (XENOMORPH PLANET): While Prometheus answers questions to Alien, a second film could explore what we didn't see in Aliens. Mainly, the massive horde of aliens wiping out the colonists from Hadley's Hope. Along with what would a massive xenomorph outbreak would look like. The Weyland Industries viral site has been going into a lot of detail of the world-building/terraforming aspects of the company. Prometheus will be more about the discovery of our origins and exploring the unknown rather than creating an empire spanning the universe. The sequel should take on the themes of colonizing the universe. It could also allow surviving cast members from the first film to possibly be involved such as David, Vickers or even Shaw. Weyland's Colonial Marines should also play a large role here as it gives Ridley a chance to play with the war mongering themes of the franchise. As the xenomorphs are wanted for the company's weapons program which could lead to military experiments on Proteus spearheaded by Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce).

Proteus also known as Xenomorph Prime has been established as the home planet of the aliens. The xenomorph homeworld is a hostile planet much like LV-426, it boasts a cold and harsh climate that is rife with volcanoes and turbulent wind storms. According to one theory, the planet is not the actual source of the xenomorph species, but was used as a storage house by the Space Jockeys to contain and breed them. Weaver/Ridley had mentioned this planet as a possible setting for Alien 5 before the project was axed and Prometheus went into development.

One theory has it that the Space Jockeys were the original victims of the xenomorphs. Another has it that they were in fact their creators. The second theory is far more detailed and shows up in various sources. Apparently, the Space Jockeys (or Mala’kak) bred the xenomorphs for use a civil war that was raging millions of years ago. This would certainly explain why the xenomorphs are so hostile, so adaptive, and proliferate so quickly. Ultimately, the xenomorphs turned on their creators and caused their extinction, and live on as weapons leftover from a forgotten war. It's possible the Jockeys in Prometheus intend to use this weapon (the ship filled with xenomorph eggs) against Earth because humans have become too advanced of a species and are now a threat to the universe.

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