May 8, 2012

'PROMETHEUS' Officially Will Be Rated R

Collider has confirmation that Prometheus will indeed be Rated R. It was rumored that 20th Century Fox was trying to cut the film for a PG-13 rating, to boost profits. This seemed like rubbish since all four of the original Alien films had been R, even AVP's PG-13 rating earned the studio massive backlash. Fox's Tom Rothman revealed that they would release the film Ridley (Scott said his director's cut was the one being released) made and not cut it for a rating.

While not all the Alien films have knocked it out of the park at the box office they've all done extremely well on home video. Prometheus is one of the most anticipated films of the year and while it's rating could hold back a few numbers it should do very well anyways. The buzz is high and Ridley has a rather large following thanks to early films like Alien and Blade Runner.

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