May 1, 2012

'RIDDICK 3' Coming January 2013, Sequels "UNDERVERSE' And 'FURYA' On The Way?

Vin Diesel has seemingly confirmed on Facebook that Riddick 3: Dead Man Stalking is heading to theaters sometime in January 2013. He also states being slightly disappointed Universal decided against releasing the film in the bloated 2012 lineup. He also states the studio seems to be happy with how the film is coming together and are interested sequels. Vin reveals the titles to these possible sequels which are Underverse and Furya. Underverse refers to the original planned sequel to Chronicles that pits Riddick in an cosmic version of the underworld and Furya is his home world.

"I think they are liking what they are seeing…cause they asked when both Underverse and Furya would be ready to make and release…now that’s a ways in the future but it is exciting.”

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