May 9, 2012

Kurt Russell Exits 'DJANGO UNCHAINED', Sacha Baron Cohen Confirms No Cameo

We've had a few actors turn down roles in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained they include Kevin Costner, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jonah Hill. Variety is now reporting that the rumor of Kurt Russell backing out of the film is in fact true, with no word who will replace him. Kurt had originally joined the film when Kevin Costner backed out of the Ace Woody role too. Just yesterday Sacha Baron Cohen (Hugo, Borat) confirmed on Howard Stern that his press for The Dictator is preventing him taking a part in the film, as he had been attached for months. My hope is that someone like Josh Brolin (with makeup of course), Jeff Bridges or Jeffrey Dean Morgan end up pursued this role.

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