May 11, 2012

Chloë Moretz Continuing Her Reign As Scream Queen With Zombe Film 'MAGGIE' And Possibly 'KICK-ASS 2'

Chloë Moretz is quickly cementing herself as the unofficial modern "scream queen" of our era placing herself in genre focused projects such as Let Me In, Kick-Ass, Texas Killing Fields, Dark Shadows and the upcoming remake of Carrie. Variety reports she's in talks to play a young zombie in the film Maggie which would co-star Paddy Considine (Dead Man Shoes, Submarine, Red Riding) as her father. The zombie genre couldn't be bigger at the moment with The Walking Dead taking over TV along with films such as the romantic/dramedy Warm Bodies and the event film World War Z starring Brad Pitt.

Set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse, story concerns a father's unconditional love for his daughter. Considine is in talks to play the father, while Moretz would play his titular daughter.

There's no word if this project would conflict with the summer production of Kick-Ass 2 which has Jeff Wadlow attached to direct. It's been reported that original cast members are in talks to reprise their roles. However, Moretz has grown considerably since the first film so it wouldn't be hard to imagine Universal re-casting Mindy/Hit-Girl. That said the Kick-Ass spin-off comic Hit-Girl does feature a more mature Chloë as the violent heroine in a varient cover.

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