February 4, 2011

Alice Eve, Rosamund Pike & Diane Kruger Up For Unknown Superman Role

Variety reports that Alice Eve, Rosamund Pike and Diane Kruger (Troy, Inglourious Basterds) are up for a major female role in Zack Snyder's Superman. Alice Eve has tested for Captain America and landed the Emma Frost role in X-Men First Class before quitting over the limited part. Pike also had been linked to the Frost role but ultimately didn't get it. The kicker is that they say the role is not for Lois Lane. Surprisingly enough there aren't many female roles in the world of Superman. I expect that it could be Lana Lane, Kara Kent (Supergirl) or Lara (Clark's Kryptonian mother). More than likely the latter of the three as a brief scene of Clark's origin made into a credit montage is very possible.

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