February 27, 2011


Being a child of the 80's I noticed how Hollywood has mined the cartoons of my childhood starting with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Masters of The Universe (He-Man). Then more recently with Transformers 1-3 and G.I. Joe 1-2. Yet there are still more shows on the horizon to become films. Thundercats and Robotech along with reboots for both TMNT and Masters of The Universe are in development.

One of my favorite shows from the 80's hasn't even been mentioned. C.O.P.S, it had an odd mix of elements from Robocop, Dick Tracy, Untouchables, Blade Runner and G.I. Joe set in a fictitious future metropolis Empire City. I believe that it has enough of a visual presence that it could make an excellent movie. I figure if they can make three movies about robots without personalities and plot a studio could make something out of this.

Like G.I. Joe and Transformers it started off as a Hasbro toyline (COPS N Crooks) and even ended up getting released as a limited edition comic series by DC Comics.While I'm sure the show didn't age well I think the character designs and setting have. With villain names like Dr. Badvibes and Buttons McBoomBoom who can resist? I wouldn't be shocked to see Paramount Pictures and Hasbro look to C.O.P.S in the future. Considering the two have made a Battleship movie together anything is possible.

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