February 26, 2011

Len Wiseman's Total Recall Reboot Gets 2012 Release Date!

Sony has officially announced the release date of Len Wiseman's (Underworld 1-2, Die Hard 4) Total Recall. It will hit theaters on August 3rd 2012 with Colin Farrell in the lead role.

I hope it keeps a lot of the original science fiction elements since the words "contemporary" have been attached to the official synopsis. I would assume this means we won't be seeing an advanced/futuristic world of espionage. Along with the exclusion of Mars elements from the original film have been scrapped likely to save the studio money.

I really hope they don't go the route of The Adjustment Bureau which looks like it could end up one of the worst adaptations of Phillip K. Dick's work because of it's lack of futuristic science fiction elements. I believe Dick's stories are best used in film when they're applied to a full-on science fiction movie Blade Runner, Minority Report and Total Recall being the best of the bunch.

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