February 11, 2011

Daniel Espinosa Tops Bruce Willis' Wishlist To Direct Die Hard 5

Bruce Willis is eager to make Die Hard 5 as Vulture reports the actor is meeting with potentinal directors himself. Daniel Espinosa is on the top of Willis' wishlist to take on the fifth film. It's likely that Willis is grinding out as many action roles as possible before he's unable to do them anymore. He's currently shooting Looper and has a few more action roles in the works including a sequel to Red and The Expendables.

Espinosa is about to start production on his thriller Safe House starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington. The Swedish director made a big slash last year with his crime thriller Snabba Cash. He ended up meeting with 20th Century Fox to direct X-Men First Class and Wolverine 2. Espinosa would be amazing director for what could be the last film in the franchise. The only problem is that Fox has rejected the script from Skip Woods and haven't announced a new writing team.

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