February 18, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger is BACK

Now that the Governor is done heading budget meetings, many sources say he’s officially considering offers. What could this mean? When taking into account his recent cameos in Terminator 4 (virtual) and The Expendables it’s more than possible that he could be starting his comeback in their upcoming sequels. It’s already been reported that Expendables 2 is making major additions to the casting list by the possible addition of Jean Claude Van Damme and expanding Bruce Willis’ previous cameo to a major role. Also MTV reports that Universal Studios is strongly considering handing the Terminator franchise to director Justin Lin and screenwriter Chris Morgan. The combo is currently handling the “Fast and Furious” franchise. Their newest installment “Fast Five” (the fifth movie of the franchise) is basically a big reunion of characters from the previous four films. It’s a loose potential comparison but when considering that casting assemblage, if Justin Lin and Chris Morgan take over the Terminator Franchise, the Governor might make a “real” appearance in the near future.

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