February 19, 2011

Matthew Vaughn & Jonathan Ross Teaming Up For The Golden Age

It doesn't look like Matthew Vaughn is slowing down his work on comic book films anytime soon. There is word from Deadline that he and comic book writer/comedian Jonathan Ross are working together on a film concept. It would be based on Ross' upcoming comic The Golden Age where older/retired superheroes are asked to help save the world with their grandchildren after the parents screw things up. The interesting aspect of the pitch is Vaughn's actor wishlist of Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty.

While Nicholson seems like a great choice as he was once attached to play Wolverine in an early vision of the X-Men film. Eastwood and Beatty have retired from acting and it doesn't seem like they would be willing to make a movie like this. Yet, with the success of Red and Expendables it's possible having older actors playing action leading roles.

There isn't anything to suggest that Vaughn would write or direct the film in the article. Turf, another comic by Jonathan Ross had been reported to be possible next film project for Matthew. It mixed aliens and vampires in a prohibition era setting. There is also the possibility of a sequel to X-Men First Class quickly going into development after the first film's release.

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