February 11, 2011

Bryan Singer Hints Again At First Class Sequel

In a recent interview with HeroComplex producer Bryan Singer quickly mentions the possibility of more X-Men First Class films. It's been mentioned before that Singer wouldn't direct a sequel and stated First Class was very much Matthew Vaughn's thing. This time Singer gives the impression Cyclops was not included in the first film but could be in the second one.

This also raises the question will Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass) be playing Scott Summers? He had been rumored for the role but the character ultimately didn't make the film because of conflicting timelines. Also since Cyclops is such a popular character he would have been overshadowed by Magneto since this film mostly focuses on him. If they set the next film in the 70's or early 80's it could be a little more believable and we could also see the return of Jean Grey.

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