February 7, 2011

RUMOR: Yvonne Strahovski Playing Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) In Avengers

ComicBookMovie is reporting a rumor from a fansite of Chuck actress Yvonne Strahovski that she has been cast as SHIELD agent Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) in The Avengers. Danvers is SHIELD agent/pilot and is exposed to otherworldly radiation giving her the powers of a Kree warrior (flight, super-strength).

It's unlikely this is true as it's not coming from a proven source but it is possible. Since How I Met Your Mother's Cobie Smudlers is a frontrunner for Maria Hill means they could be looking for lesser known names to fill supporting roles. I assume they've spent a majority of their budget on the leading actors along with production costs. Supporting roles would be big breaks for up and coming actors. I imagine they would be signing multi-picture deals similar to ones Sam Jackson and Scarlett Johansson have made.

There have been Marvel connections to Chuck before. Zachary Levi who portrays Chuck was linked for both Fendral (Thor) and Bucky (Captain America). I expect that Levi will end up in a Marvel role eventually. Josh Schwartz who writes for the show helped develop the script for X-Men First Class with Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz. Miller and Stentz worked on the Thor screenplay for Marvel Studios.

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