February 14, 2011

Marion Cotillard In Talks To Join Dark Knight Rises

HollywoodReporter confirms the rumor that actress Marion Cotillard is in talks to join The Dark Knight Rises in a unknown role. Many believe it's Talia al Ghul the daughter of the villain Ra's al Ghul. Yet if the film is taking influences from The Long Halloween I wouldn't be surprised if she's playing Sofia Falcone the daughter of the Gotham Ctiy mobster Carmine Falcone last scene in Batman Begins.


It would fit perfectly with the rumor that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (currently also in talks) is playing Alberto Falcone who is also the Holiday Killer. The recent New York pickup shots of a snowy Manhattan suggests that the Holiday Killer is likely involved. Now that Sal Maroni is dead it would seem likely someone else would have to run Falcone's crime family. Yet I wouldn't rule out JGL playing Black Mask or Harvey Bullock.

The Falcone family would also fit nicely with Selina Kyle's story as in the comics she's the illegitimate daughter of Carmine Falcone and tries to find a place in the crime family. I'd personally rather see Kyle as a power player in the mob instead of a costumed thief. I still think Nolan's Batman films work because Wayne is the only one in such an elaborate costume.

I'm not sure how Tom Hardy's Bane would fit into this but would make an excellent partner to whoever Joseph is playing. As the pair were amazing together in Inception. If Talia is indeed involved I wouldn't rule out Bane being a member of the League of Shadows.

There is also still hope that Robin Williams could take on the role of Hugo Strange. I think it would the right amount of villains compared to the other movies and Nolan is perfectly comfortable with sizable casts/characters in his films. Strange could make an excellent side villain similar to Dr. Crane in Batman Begins.

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