February 18, 2011

Shane Black In Final Talks To Direct Iron Man 3

Deadline confirms that Shane Black is in final talks to direct Iron Man 3. While there isn't talk of him writing the script he's one of the best action film screenwriters in Hollywood. There is a lot of support from the comic book film fan-base for Black and it looks like Marvel has taken notice. Shane's only directorial effort was Kiss Kiss Bang Bang a cult favorite which is a key reason for Robert Downey Jr.'s carer re-launch and likely the reason for landing the role of Tony Stark. Robert had actually spoken to Shane about how to approach the role for the original film.

I assume with Black's involvement means we will see an Iron Man buddy picture featuring both Stark and Rhodey working as partners. Hopefully we won't need to have appearances from other Marvel heroes or SHIELD Agents. I think having War Machine and Iron Man in one film is enough to fill the hero quota.

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