December 19, 2009

What's Next For James Cameron?

Even though James Cameron has worked the better part of 5 years on Avatar. We're still hungry for more films from him. This might be because he hasn't made one since Titanic. So the speculation of what he'll do next seems to be unknown until he announces it. We've heard he'll produce projects but what will he direct? Since he has so many movies in development. Cameron might be making up for lost time spent on Avatar and his documentaries.

Battle Angel Alita has been talked about for years now it even had it's concept artwork developed alongside Avatar. Cameron revised the script's first draft by Laeta Kalogridis (Ghost In The Shell, Shutter Island) during the post-production of Avatar. He recently said in interviews that Alita is one of the projects he's considering doing next. There have been rumored test footage shoots already. Since this one is closer to production I'd hope he'd make this one for his adult fans that went to support Avatar. Which was marketed as a film for adults using references to Aliens, True Lies and Terminator 2. It really ended up feeling like a Disney film instead.

While it won't be the next film but Cameron has stated he wants to return to Pandora with two sequels to Avatar. I'm sure when the box office totals are in we'll hear an announcement from 20th Century Fox. I'm just glad the post-production process will be a lot quicker next time. My personal feeling is while it was cool to see the world and culture of the Nav'ai but it got very dull quickly without conflicts. I really couldn't see myself paying to see two more movies about respecting alien plants. I was more interested in what happened to Earth and why they needed the minerial so badly. To be honest I wished there were more human focused scenes.

There's also the dramatic project The Dive. Which was talked up as Cameron's test to make a 3D drama. This one sounds like waste of his time unless there's a horrible virus or aliens involved.

The newest one I've heard is The Forbidden Planet remake for Joel Silver and Warner Bros.

Fathom and The Fantastic Voyage are other projects he's producing that James could end up directing.

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