December 14, 2009

Tobey Maguire Playing Bilbo Baggins In The Hobbit?

When Latino Review posts information on possible casting news I listen intently. They broke the news previously that Jake Gyllenhaal would play the lead in Prince of Persia. Now they have another great bit of dream casting which could actually happen. Tobey Maguire could be in talks to play Bilbo Baggins. Some information came out during an interview with Tobey for his new film Brothers. When asked which director he'd like to work with next he had an interesting answer.

“Gullermo Del Toro...We may have something here in the near future.”

They later confirmed from their source that Maguire is talking with producers of The Hobbit to play Biblo. Casting is underway this week so we should hear a few more big names being thrown around. I'd love it if Tobey was cast, plus it would be nice to see him in a non-Spider-Man action film.

There have been previous rumors that Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy and Martin Freeman could play Bilbo.

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