December 6, 2009


An interesting "what if" moment happened during a Tarantino interview. He revealed that DC/WB approached him to direct Green Lantern. While he did turn them down he is comic fan. He admitted Sgt. Fury & His Howling Commandos influenced the Basterds. He's also referenced The Thing, Silver Surfer, Superman and The Green Hornet in his previous films. If anyone could turn the comic book film world on it's ear he could.

Peter Jackson and co-writers have finished the first Hobbit script. They've also worked so hard they're half way finished the second film's script. Jackson during press for The Lovely Bones commented on the rumor the film's production delays could have the Hobbit released in 2012. He assures that the target date is still 2011.

Summit Entertainment is slowly starting to setup their own lineup of comic book films. They have Red going into production in January, with a very impressive cast. Summit now has their eyes set on making the comic Alibi into a film.

Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee has confirmed he'll have a cameo in Thor.

Eli Roth is tweaking the script to his next film Endangered Species. The interesting part is that Roth is looking to Quentin Tarantino for notes. This could be very interesting if Tarantino actually ends up contributing to the film's story. I'm sure the casting will be lot more high profile now with Eli's involvement with Inglourious Basterds, directing Nation's Pride and acting alongside Brad Pitt.

Director Martin Campbell has dropped out from the remake of The Birds. Now Naomi Watts' involvement could be in question. There have been rumors that Greek director Dennis Iliades (Hardcore, Last House On The Left) could step in to take over.

McG says he's still going to direct Terminator 5 and Terminator 6. I guess he missed the memo that the Halcyon Company is selling the rights in February. This means who ever buys the rights can do whatever they like with the franchise. Which could leave McG in the cold since Salvation was seen as a critical and financial failure.

Johnny Depp is taking on the role of Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa in Seven Friends of Pancho Villa & The Woman With Six Fingers.

There have been some updates on Krull and Buck Rogers. Screenwriter Matthew Sand (Ninja Assassin) will take on writing duties for Krull and Frank Miller is officially off directing Buck Rogers.

It looks like Paul Thoms Anderson's next film will star familiar face. Philip Seymour Hoffman will star in the movie. The pair have previously worked together on Boogie Nights and Magnolia.

It looks like Terry Gilliam might have found his Don Quixote. Robert Duvall revealed during an interview he might be Quixote in the film.

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