December 31, 2009

Renner Up For Captain America Not Hawkeye?

Recently Jeremy Renner has been rumored for the role of Hawkeye. Jeremy even mentioned talking to the studio about the character. This was great news but Hawkeye seemed like a character little too small for Renner. Considering all the success he's been getting for his amazing performance in the Hurt Locker. Which could end up earning Renner an Oscar nomination. So when Renner explained himself out of the running for Hawkeye it didn't make much sense.

CineFools came up with a logical idea, has Renner been offered Captain America instead? While this is just speculation it could be a good move on the part of Marvel Studios. The film starts production in June and they haven't announced their choice yet. A lot of people have been bringing up Renner for the role.

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