December 28, 2009

Impressive Crew Hired For Green Lantern

While a director, screenwriters and actors are very important to a film. Just as important are the people working behind the scenes. It looks like they're going all out for Green Lantern hiring what seems to be the best people in the business to work on the movie. SuperHeroHype is reporting on who has been hired.

Cinematographer Dion Beebe won an Oscar for Memoirs of A Geisha and was nominated for Chicago. While that is impressive he also worked on the stunningly shot Collateral and Miami Vice.

Production designer Grant Major and costume designer Ngila Dickson both won Oscars for their work on the Lord of The Rings trilogy. They worked together for Peter Jackson's King Kong and Heavenly Creatures. Major also worked on The Frighteners and Dickson did work on The Last Samurai.

Art director Fran├žois Audouy has previously worked on Watchmen, Transformers and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. He also worked in art departments for Avatar, Zodiac, Minority Report, Men In Black, Spider-Man 1-3, The Ring and Pearl Harbor.

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