December 16, 2009

Sam Worthington "Would Kill To Play Captain America"?

During another interview with MTV he talked about the Avengers shirt he wore previously. Stating he's just a big comic fan more so a Captain America fan. This was exemplified by Worthington sporting another Marvel shirt. This time featuring a solo Captain America during the interview. He's not campaigning for the role because of the backlash he assumes he would get from it. He was dismissed by the bloggers when the rumor originally hit. Considering he's Australian and lot of comic book readers have been very vocal of the hate they have for anyone other than an American actor portraying the fictional character. He did however mention he's got the shield thing down from Clash of The Titans.

"All the bloggers dive in and go, 'He's Australian! Damn him, he can't play [Captain America]!'"

"As I said, I think I'd be lynched if I played the role, but I'd kill to play it.....There's a headline on the MTV blog: 'Sam Worthington Would Kill To Play Captain America"

"'I don't think so, he can't hold an accent!' — but I can hold a shield, that's for sure! Go watch Perseus!"

I'll be upfront I like Worthington becoming the next big action star. We need actors like him to take on these big action films which seem to be multiplying. I feel this is racism on the part on the fans even if it's a minority of them. If you've ever been on the IMDB forums the main talking points involve ethnicity with casting, which is beyond frustrating. Any actor at this point can play a hero no matter what country they're from. That's what actors do they play people different from themselves. I would blame the current lack of new American action stars these days on younger American actors doing more dramatic and independent films. I get the impression it's more about the shooting locations (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe) rather than the talent pool. A majority of the action roles are going to Canadians, Aussies, Scots and Brits. Now with Sharlto Copley (District 9, A-Team) South Africans are getting into the fray.

I think blindly fan casting television actors like Jensen Ackles only because they're American could hurt the budding franchise. They need to hire someone able to carry a whole film which could end up running 2hours. The thing with Worthington is that he's an actual action star unlike most. This was shown in Termintor Salvation which Worthington seemed to be one of the few who got praise from critics. He could also be in the biggest movie of the year with Avatar which is getting very good reviews.

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