December 20, 2009

Brittany Murphy Dies At 32

I normally don't do death write ups but I think I'll make an acceptation for the loss of this young actress. At the age of 32 Brittany Murphy has passed way. Early this morning she lost her life after a cardiac arrest. It's very shocking and sad to hear someone as young as she was dying. I'm sure we'll be seeing her in the Oscars remembrance segment. While I didn't follow most of her recent movies I do remember her in films Sin City, 8 Mile, Spun, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Clueless and Girl Interrupted.

She would also do voice acting for the long running cartoon series King of The Hill. Also for films Happy Feet and Futurama: Beast With A Billion Backs.

Brittany also tried her hand at singing. The most recognizable song for me was for Paul Oakenfold's Faster Kill Pussycat.

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