December 7, 2009

Vlad (2011-2012)

Summit Entertainment looks to be making up with horror and genre fans. Best known for the awful Twilight Saga films which ignores/spits on the werewolf and vampire lore. They are developing a real vampire film based on Vlad The Impaler also known as Dracula. Vlad will be produced by Brad Pitt's Plan B (Kick-Ass). The film will be action-oriented and visually edgy, gathering some comparisons to 300.

I remember how brutally violent the Vlad scenes were in Francais Ford Coppla's Dracula. I hope they use the same level of shocking violence.

The studio is in t
alks with music video director Anthony Mandler to helm the film.

No casting has been announcement but actor Charlie Hunnam (Green Street Hooligans, Children of Men) did write the screenplay so it's assumed he'll have a role in the film. He's best known for starring in the series Sons of Anarchy.

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