December 28, 2009

Warner Bros. Most Profitable Studio of 2009

For the third year in a row Warner Bros. has the honor of being the most successful studio pulling in over $2 Billion. Harry Potter is the standard success story for the studio but films like The Hangover and Blind Side made a shocking amount of box office cash. They also did well with risky/expensive films like Watchmen and Where The Wild Things Are. Sherlock Holmes will more than likely help put the studio over the top. The worldwide total for the studio reached $4 Billion.

It doesn't look they'll be slowing down their box office run. In 2010, they'll be releasing The Book of Eli, Edge of Darkness (return of actor Mel Gibson), Clash of The Titans, The Losers, Nightmare On Elm Street, Sex In The City 2, Jonah Hex, Inception, The Town, Guardians of Ga'Hoole , Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part1, Yogi Bear and Hereafter.

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