December 27, 2009

Cultural Icon of The Decade: Stan Lee

While I knew growing up who the Marvel characters were I had no idea who Stan Lee was. I was first introduced to him in Kevin Smith's Mallrats. From then on I knew this man held a special importance to comics. He was important enough to have help create some of the most popular comic book characters ever. I believe we have Stan to thank for the in influx of comic book films in the last ten years.

I was shocked to learn how long X-Men and Spider-Man had been running in comics. My knowledge of the characters had more to do with the cartoon series during the 90's. Which lead me to discover he also helped create Hulk, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Thor, Daredevil and Doctor Strange. The X-Men and Spider-Man films really delivered something new in comic book films. It was the characters themselves that helped the films. Unlike the previous Batman films these characters were complex while struggling with their powers and responsibilities.

He also has earned the title of King of The Cameo. Showing up in more than 10 Marvel films. He even managed an appearance in a Simpsons episode. The cameos wont be stopping anytime soon he'll be showing up in Iron Man 2, Thor, Spider-Man 4 and Captain America.

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