December 31, 2009

NEWS/RUMORS (Dec 31st)

The year/decade is at a close so I'd like to thank everyone for supporting the site. I hope everyone has a safe new years! Stay tuned to C&CB for exciting film news which should be flooding in the coming weeks.

MTV talked to Stan "The Man" Lee and the Marvel comics creator revealed we might finally get to view the Ant-Man film. He also mentioned hopes for the Doctor Strange and Black Panther films. I expect Marvel will announce Edgar Wright's Ant-Man to start production later in the year. The Doctor Strange film has been in the works for a while and at one point Guillmero del Toro was interested in the project. It's the first time I've heard about a Black Panther film though, which could be a fun film.

Tim Roth revealed to MTV he's been talking to Marvel Studios about reprising his role of Emil Blonsky/Abomination for future Hulk films. He doesn't pin down the possible film, which could be either Incredible Hulk 2 or Avengers. Yet Roth does mention he signed on for three films.

Jeremy Renner had been rumored for the role of Hawkeye. Who could appear in upcoming Marvel films leading up to Avengers. Now Renner is saying he wasn't offered the role but rather given information on the character. It might have something to do with his relationship with screenwriter Zak Penn. This doesn't mean he's out of the race for the role or even that we won't see him have a cameo in Thor or Captain America. It just means nothing has been finalized or that he could be still in talks with Marvel Studios over salary and contracts. Both films won't be released until 2011 giving Marvel over a year to figure out what they're doing.

Marvel's stockholders approve Disney merger. The deal is worth $4.3 Billion and will be finalized today.

Avatar is killing at the box office making $726.6 Million in 12 days. I expect it could reach over $800 Million by Monday.

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