December 6, 2009

Sam Worthington Hinting Role In Avengers?

MTV seems to think so. They noticed that Worthington was wearing an Avengers t-shirt during an Avatar interview. This isn't without merit Worthington recently worked with Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier on Clash of The Titans. Leterrier could be the front runner to take on the Avengers and could be influential on casting choices. Of course this is all speculation but it doesn't hurt to think about it. Sam is also starring in another comic book film The Last Days of American Crime.

There seems to be three major Avengers roles up for grabs at this point. Captain America, Ant-Man and Hawkeye, which Worthington could be perfect for either. Many comic fans might find the idea of an Australian playing Steve Rogers offensive. Yet, it's just a role nobody really cares that a Welsh actor is playing Batman (Christian Bale) or another Australian is playing Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) who is a Canadian superhero. I expect the announcement pertaining to Captain America coming soon since the film might start production this summer. I assume production will start when Thor is finished principle photography.

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