April 30, 2012

SPECULATION: Is Ashley Johnson Playing A Marvel Heroine?

There seems to our first Avengers casting conspiracy. You might remember the blond waitress that appears in the trailers. She's played by Ashley Johnson (The Killing, The Help) who was first seen on Growing Pains which also developed Leonardo DiCaprio's career. Could this character be something more than she seems? Rumblings online have begun that she is more than just a cameo.

The waitress who witnesses the heroics of Steve Rogers firsthand seems to be enthralled by him. While nothing leads me to believe her role is nothing more than Joss giving a one of his actresses screentime (she has roles in both Whedon's Dollhouse and Much Ado About Nothing). There is a bit of "what if" here since she could be hinted as a possible future love interest. Possibly being revealed as Sharon Carter the niece of Peggy and the eventual SHIELD agent or the second thought is that she could be Carol Danvers (who later becomes Ms. Marvel). Sadly when it comes to these rumors they never seem to become true but the speculation is fun.

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