April 12, 2012

'SIN CITY 2: A DAME TO KILL FOR' Shooting This Summer, Michelle Williams And Mel Gibson Wanted For Roles?

Deadline has the official press release that Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For is moving forward with a summer production start. It also includes the announcement of Robert Rodriguez re-teaming with his co-director Frank Miller for the sequel. This is a massive relief for fans who have been waiting more than five years to hear this news. Don't get your hopes up until cameras actually start rolling. We've all been here before with Rodriquez when he famously had costumes and sets built for the Barbarella remake only to walkout on it. It's unknown at this point if they'll be able to get original cast members to return but casting is going to be in full swing soon.

Deadline adds that Michelle Williams and Mel Gibson are being pursued for roles. If Gibson did agree to join the cast the assumption is that if the film is successful it could help resurrect his acting career. Similar to how the first film helped Mickey Rourke back into the spotlight leading to Oscar nominated roles like The Wrestler. I wouldn't be shocked if Mel ends up replacing Rourke as Marv, since Mickey has repeatedly stated he wouldn't return because of the makeup involved. A lot of the characters that were killed off in Sin City are expected to return in some fashion for A Dame To Kill For since most of the events take place prior to that film.

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