April 6, 2012

'X-MEN FIRST CLASS' Sequel Starts Shooting In Early 2013

It's been a great year for films based on Marvel Comics' heroes with Thor, X-Men First Class and Captain America having large successes last summer. Last year it was announced that Matthew Vaughn would be returning to direct the sequel along with the cast members which includes Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence. The film is currently in development stages with the script being worked out before Vaughn and writing partner Jane Goldman add their own rewrites.

HeatVision reports that Fox is moving their purposed fall shoot for the sequel to allow Lawrence enough time to film the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire. It's an interesting move by Fox as they didn't have to give the courtesy to Lionsgate as her contract for the First Class 2 had been stamped before ever signing on to Hunger Games. Instead Fox will have the untitled sequel start it's production in January of next year likely having it's release date etched in for summer 2014. Obviously they understand that the growing strength of the Hunger Games franchise only helps their film in the long run.

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