April 30, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch Indeed Playing Khan In 'STAR TREK 2' And Klingons Rumored Again?

It's been finally confirmed by AICN that Benedict Cumberbatch's (Hobbit, Sherlock Holmes) role in Star Trek 2 is Khan Noonien Singh, best known as the villain in Wrath of Khan. It had been rumored even before Cumberbatch was announced for the role that Khan would be the main antagonist for the sequel.

New information from TrekMovie is confirming another previous rumor that Khan won't be the only baddie of the film. As the mighty Klingons are yet again being linked to the sequel. How they figure into the film along with Khan is still unknown. You might remember that Nero and his crew spent several years in a Klingon prison before escaping in the original movie. The Klingons are my favorite of the Trek aliens so any inclusion of them in the new franchise is greatly anticipated. These are arguably the two greatest villains in the Star Trek franchise so to have them both in one movie is mind-blowing.


  1. I think,Benedict Cumberbatch is so succesful and cute actor...I love sherlock =)


  2. OR! They could have NEW antagonists. The Universe is flippin' gigantic, and we have to see the same imagined villains? I'd have been happier to see something totally original, something that no one has ever seen before. They have the platform, THAT would have been truly mind-blowing.