April 25, 2012

RUMOR: Mandarin To Be Terror Group In 'IRON MAN 3'?

There is rumor that comes from NeonPunch the site that originally reported on Andy Lau being in the mix for a supporting role in Iron Man 3. The rumor centers on the reinvention of the classic Iron Man villain The Mandarin. They state in an update that the Mandarin won't be played by an actor (rumored to be played by Ben Kingsley) but rather the name of a terrorist group aiming to start a full scale worldwide attack using this new technology. Becoming an enemy of both China and the U.S. bringing the two countries together to fight the threat.

Andy Lau’s character will be an OLD FRIEND OF TONY STARK’S that represents China’s technology sector – and will use China’s armored heroes to HELP Iron Man defeat “The Mandarin” who is seen as a terrorist against both the US and China.

I would have to assume this group will have ties with the Ten Rings and Ben Kingsley will be it's leader. Previously we've heard writer/director Shane Black state the villain was a terribly racist Asian caricature. Originally the villain had played into stereotypes that were grown from conflicts with the Japanese (WWII), China (Cold War), Koreans and Vietnamese during war time. So a new take on the character would be really needed to be able to translate into a Disney film that is backed by Chinese fanciers.

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