April 26, 2012

'NEW MUTANTS' Next Superhero Film For Fox?

On the heels of Marvel's highly anticipated Avengers projected to be one of the biggest films of 2012 and possibly among some of the biggest of all time. Fox is about to start production on their own Marvel franchises with The Wolverine shooting in a couple of months, the X-Men First Class sequel filming in early 2013 and Deadpool just about to get greenlit with Ryan Reynolds starring. It had been announced by X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner earlier in 2012 that the studio was developing a film based on The New Mutants, an X-Men spin-off comic featuring a new lineup of young mutants. Collider was able to speak with Fox's Tom Rothman at CinemaCon which led to the New Mutants. Tom was slightly cryptic in his answer but states a new project from the X-Men universe will be announced this summer.

Steve: I know you guys have like The New Mutants and a lot of characters in the X-Men universe.  Obviously you guys are moving forward on an X-Men sequel, you’re moving forward on Wolverine, do you envision New Mutants or some of these other characters as franchises that the door can be open to?  It does seem to me that the superhero genre is bigger than it’s ever been, and you guys have some of the crown jewels.

Rothman: (smiles) Yes.

When can fans expect an announcement on some of these other properties?  Before Comic-Con, after Comic-Con, at Comic-Con?

Rothman:  In the summer.

Are you talking to filmmakers right now?

Rothman: Let me just say this.  All I have to say is, I agree with you in your assessment of the potential in a lot of these characters.

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