April 16, 2012

Tommy Wirkola To Direct 'AFTERBURN' Starring Gerard Butler

HeatVision reports that Norwegian writer/director Tommy Wirkola is now attached to the adaptation of the graphic novel Afterburn. Along with directing he would do some rewrites to the script. Gerard Butler is set to star with Neal H. Mortiz (Total Recall, 21 Jump Street) producing. Tommy had a great first outing with Dead Snow and has Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters is coming out in 2013. Some were worried about Witch Hunters being pushed back to 2013 but it sounds like waiting until the releases of Bourne Legacy and Avengers is a smart move.

"Set in a future where solar flares have left half the world a ravaged wasteland filled with mutants and pirates. Buried beneath the ash and rubble are priceless artifacts and some of the world’s most valuable works of art – for which wealthy Americans will pay any price. The story centers on a treasure hunter who leads his team into the quarantine zone, braving rival bounty hunters, rogue armies, pirate gangs and deadly mutants along the way."

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