April 27, 2012

David Koepp Could Write 'HUNTSMAN' Sequel For Universal

Deadline reports that Universal is in current talks with screenwriter David Koepp to start working the sequel to Snow White And The Huntsman. Koepp is best known for writing and adapting scripts for Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park II: The Lost World, Mission: Impossible, Carlito's Way, Death Becomes Her, Stir of Echos, Panic Room and Spider-Man. Before we get too excited he also contributed to uneven films like The Shadow, Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of The Crystal Skulls, War of The Worlds and Angels And Demons. His next project coming to theaters is Men In Black 3 which could go either way, so let's hope they get another writer in there just to be sure.

The film directed by newcomer Rupert Sanders won't be released until June but the studio is looking to fast track it's sequel. Sanders is wanted to helm the second film and it could be his next directorial effort. It's been said that the next film would focus on The Huntsman played by Chris Hemsworth. This gives the impression that Hemsworth had a stronger performance compared to Kristen Stewart's Snow White, who has little to zero dialog in the trailers and TV spots. It's also not surprising with the impending international success of Avengers and Thor 2 set to be released in November 2013. We shouldn't have to wait that long as turnaround on the first film was eight months which is very quick all things considered wouldn't be shocked to see this in theaters later 2013 or summer 2014.

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