April 16, 2012

Hammer Films Taps Jared Harris For 'THE QUIET ONES'

CinemaBlend reports that Hammer Films is ready set to start production on their next film titled The Quiet Ones this summer. Their last film The Woman In Black has become the most successful British horror film in twenty years earning over $120 million. It's success has developed into a sequel which will be set years after the original film with Daniel Radcliffe. They've cast Jared Harris in the lead role for The Quiet Ones. Harris is best known for roles in Ben Button, Sherlock Holmes 2, Fringe and Mad Men. Jared is no stranger to the genre as he worked with John Carpenter on horror thriller The Ward.

"Set in the 1970s, this horrific tale pulls its inspiration from a real case of paranormal studies. It was 1974 when Professor Joseph Coupland (Harris), an unconventional but charismatic figure on campus, lured a batch of students to a remote location to implement a peculiar experiment to discover if it is possible to manifest negative human energy and channel it into creating a poltergeist."

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