April 7, 2012

Steven Segal Offered Role In 'EXPENDABLES 3'

It looks like Expendables 3 could already be in development even though the second film hasn't even been released yet. Two separate statements from actors give the impression that Sly and studio are at least thinking about the third film. News comes from JoBlo that Steven Segal could be in Expendables 3 as an offer has been made. Segal's last big screen appearance was in Robert Rodriguez's Machete as that film's villain so anything is possible.

"He [Sylvester Stallone] plans to do another one and I have already been made an offer. We'll see ... "

There had been talk of Steven joining the first two films but it never worked out. Apparently there was issue with a business partner of Jean-Claude Van Damme which blocked Segal's chances of showing up in the second film. Either way it looks promising that the Steven could end up capping off the aging action hero trilogy. Randy Couture mentioned a few weeks back that they are planning a fall 2012 shoot for Expendables 3. However, neither the studio or Stallone have announced any plans for a third film. It begs the question has director Simon West or cast even resigned for another film?

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