April 4, 2012

Universal Rebooting The Mummy Franchise

Variety reports that Universal Pictures is looking to reboot The Mummy franchise with a new film as they've hired screenwriter Jon Spaihts (Darkest Hour) to pen the new movie. He previously contributed to an early draft Ridley Scott's Prometheus before Damon Lindelof was hired to do rewrites. Since this a reboot I don't expect the original cast or previous directors will be returning.

While Stephen Sommers' original Mummy was exciting thanks in part to taking cues from Indiana Jones. The two sequels become more ridiculous with each release yet still raking in lots of cash for the studio. Not to mention the Scorpion King spin-off which seemed more like a family-friendly version of Conan. This film will be a little darker and horror focused than the previous films. Let's just hope they're smart enough to talk Rick Baker into doing the makeup effects which earned Universal/Baker an Oscar for their misguided Wolfman reboot. The studio also has plans for a new Frankenstein film with Guillermo del Toro directing it's up in the air when that film will ever get made.

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