April 16, 2012

'IRON MAN 3' Production Heading To China This Summer

Marvel Studios has been catering to their international audiences which has been very smart on their part. Iron Man 2 got a lot of press in Russia when Mickey Rourke visited a prison there to do some research for Vanko. Captain America was shot in England helping the early promotion of the film overseas. Avengers had scenes shot in Germany and India, Marvel doing their best to promote the brand in India. They developed India's own Comic-Con and already have an Avengers music video playing on TV there from an Indian rock band.

There is now word that Iron Man 3 will be co-financing with a Chinese company and will be shooting scenes in China during the summer. Marvel/Disney are really set on making the Marvel Universe accessible to the global markets. The bulk of the box office profits for these films come from international audiences. So it makes sense to see their respected countries represented in the films. It also gets the film into Chinese theaters as the country limits the amount of foreign films allowed into the country per year.

This news fuels previous talk of the Mandarin being the main villain of the third installment. I think this could be more about Stark Industries doing business with the growing Chinese market. There could also be a Stark Industries plant in the country as well which leads to the nanbot-technology being developed. Marvel has become smart when keeping their projects somewhat secretive so it's anyone's guess.

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